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By Scott Kurtz - PvP


"DREWBER is a perfectionist Pokemon that becomes fixated on a single opponent. As he evolves, he becomes more relaxed. Still, when roused, he is an implacable foe."

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By Drew Weing - drewweing.com


"KATERRA is a non-confrontational Pokemon that is most often found in dark, quiet spaces. It eats predominantly chocolate and spends up to 23 hours of each day resting. Unpopular with trainers due to its weak attacks and poor coordination."

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By Kate Craig - katecraig.blogspot.com

#20 HIK


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By David Huyck - cloudyco.com


"TITTINOR refuses to ever turn into its evolved form TOTTINOR. TITTINOR just wants to selfishly have fun forever and never settle down and start popping out tiny TOOTINORS of its own. Although it secretly suspects the grand TOTTINORS have attained deep wisdom that a little TITTINOR can never achieve."

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By Eleanor Davis - doing-fine.com


"CAT-BOX, the questioning pokemon, has a strong desire to know everything.  Further, he will not be satisfied until he propagates his own opinions all over the world!"

By BOX BROWN - Everything Dies


"This POKéMON prefers not to fight. It is useless in battle but
excellent as a seatwarmer.”

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By Anthony Clark - Nedroid.com




"BALDWIN, the adorable pokémon, is often found in flight to other locations for many mysterious reasons. BALDWIN is very timid but will warm up to their trainer if put in the front slot."

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By Jamie Baldwin - Sudden Valley


"JOYLOAF, the Cat-Loving Pokémon, is always equipped with their very own kitty.  Its lack of blinking and the ability to zone out gives JOYLOAF an incredible advantage at beating opponents in a game of Tetris. Losing at Tetris is one of the best catalysts for its evolution into JOYANGRI."

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By Joy Ang - joyang.ca


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By Brian Fukushima - bottomlesspop.com